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How it works

At M-Paper, our users have options. They can pay to read content, whether they’re just purchasing a single newspaper or subscribing to get access to all your content on our platform. They can also get their M-Paper access sponsored, by being a customer of one of our business partners. No matter what, we track what gets read so we can compensate our publishing partners accordingly.

Here are a few incentives for readers to
discover your content.

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Partner Programs

We have telcos, banks, and others who offer M-Paper to their customers and staff.

We work closely with our partners to recommend your newspapers and magazines, develop marketing assets, and build a user experience that their users will love.

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Subscription Bundles

Every one of M-paper subscribers is a potential new reader for you.

We have a team of brilliant specialists who work specifically with publishers, and they’re here to help you make the most of this highly engaged and rapidly growing audience.

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Great Pricing

For the more casual reader who doesn’t need the subscription, it’s easy to buy single newspapers and magazines directly on M-Paper.

And because we’re always working to introduce readers to content we think they might love, working with us is a great way to find new customers in unexpected places.

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